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Why Sponsor an EVENTECSEvent?
Have you noticed?
Conventional advertising practices have been thrown out the window. Every day we hear more about:
    Using conferences to make direct contact with new customers and strengthen relationships with existing ones
    Sponsoring events to provide live support for branding initiatives
    Sponsoring niche-based online newsletters to attract new customers
    Maximizing qualified lead generation via usage of carefully constructed webinars, podcasts, virtual conferences, short videos & more
    Targeting online display advertising to responsive buyer niches
    Developing and using customer feedback from dedicated social media portals to improve product/service offerings
5 Reasons to Sponsor an EVENTECS Conference
1 Direct contact with key decision makers and qualified buyers via our niche conferences with a measurable return on your investment.
2 You position your products, services and executives as key players in front of major industry leaders.
3 Function/market specific social media portals and event sites provide you with multiple opportunities to communicate directly with your target audience before and after the conference.
4 You can sponsor webinars, podcasts, short content-rich videos and online newsletters to deliver your sales message in a bold new way, boosting your customer acquisition and lead generation strategies.
5 You can purchase high-yield online display ads that reach your target audience on our expanding number of portals and event sites.
Some organizations can do some of these things. Only EVENTECS can do ALL of these things!